2021 Conference Registration

We can all agree this last year has been of unprecedented change like no other. One fortunate thing that hasn’t changed is the opportunity every October for inspiration, cutting-edge education, and connection by participating in Provender’s Annual Educational Conference.
Plus, what’s a Provender conference without a lot of fun? Click here to register.

Look forward to connecting with long-time friends and making new ones. It is so good to see familiar faces and find fresh connections after we’ve been so isolated. We all got into the natural foods trade not just to make a living but to make a difference and make the world a better place.

Wednesday evening kicks off the online conference with a Flavor Fest Happy Hour as a great way to roll into conference mode.

We’re also cooking up a way for participants to get to know each other even before the conference starts by uploading one-minute self-introduction videos!

Keynotes and Workshops
This year’s theme is “Embracing Change: Shaping Our Future.” We’ve got a fantastic line-up of keynote speakers and workshops for you. We’re able to bring in more presenters from around the country and the Pacific Northwest, on topics that are relevant to present-day circumstances and the future well-being of our planet. Come join us!


Workshop highlights include:

• The Future of Food
• What Consumers Really Want
• Kind and Effective Leadership
• Lessons Learned from the Pandemic (and Preparing for What’s Ahead)
• Provender Pathfinders: Insights & Inspiration from Innovative Leaders

These are not just a series of one-way webinars. The Provender Conference provides multiple opportunities for you to engage in meaningful ways. We have the ability to break into smaller group discussions, engage in Q&A, to experience authentic networking, and see everyone participating (not just presenters). Be part of the depth of connection that Provender provides during it’s 44th Annual Educational Conference and register here.


• $50- Individual (Provender member)
• $120- Individual (Non-member)
• $500- “unlimited” Staff Pack (Provender members only)
• $900- “unlimited” Staff Pack EXTENDED (Provender members only)

Here’s how the Staff Pack works 

The “unlimited” aspect of the Staff Packs are offered in the spirit of addressing the complex needs of some Provender’s member businesses. For example, some companies have multiple staff needing to share the same computer(s) or have limited ability to fully participate in the conference. This “unlimited” component allows flexibility for more staff to attend while working around their set schedule. It’s such a worthwhile infusion for building team morale. And, conference recordings will be available afterward for everyone registered.

While both Staff Pack options are unlimited, please consider purchasing the extended version if you would like to further contribute to Provender’s educational mission and vision for a just and wholesome food system for all. This support invigorates Provender by helping us reach our 2020 financial goal and serve our community during this crucial time.

The whole Provender community looks forward to connecting with you very soon. Now’s the time to register and join us!