A Message from Board of Directors member Stephen Ohl

February 2nd 2021

by Stephen Ohl, Provender Board member, Bozeman Community Food Co-op

After a tumultuous 2020 in nearly every way imaginable, Provender is refocusing this year on our membership community and our shared future.
In focusing on the future, the Board is looking inward at our organization in our long-term plans and goals.

We want to be around for at least another 40 years, and we recognize the need to adapt to the changing world we share.

The Board has formed the new Reporting Committee, which will be looking inwards at our organization to continue to improve everything Provender has to offer. As for focusing on our community, the Board is working to increase and improve the resources we share with all of you. Last month, we created the Community Engagement Committee, which will strive to provide quality, relevant information and education, as well as reinforce and reshape the bonds between each of our members. The strength of Provender has always been its members. In designing our shared future, we want to help all our members share their strengths with each other.

By supporting each other, and leaning on one another, our alliance will continue to fulfill our mission of supporting the natural foods movement, and we will keep on changing our world for the better.


In collaboration,
Stephen Ohl, Provender Board Member
from Bozeman Community Food Co-op
Bozeman, MT