Sweet Creek Foods: Launching New Products as a Regional Producer

Sweet Creek Foods
June 11th 2019

By Sweet Creek Foods

What does it look like as a regional producer expanding our line-up with new products? Well, we just launched an organic green tomatillo salsa, a zesty addition made from locally grown Pacific Northwest ingredients and crafted in small batches for premium quality and flavor.

Also, we’ve added a new organic jalapeño relish – medium, a spin-off of our popular relish line and a cousin to our Pickled Jalapeños.  If you’re really looking to spice things up, check out our Organic Jalapeño Relish – HOT, this stuff is HOT! Just like our Organic Jalapeño Relish – Medium, but with the heat turned up to 11. Store buyers can make new product requests at scf@sweetcreekfoods.com and customers can ask their local grocery buyer for our new items.

With the launch of our new products in full swing, we are turning to our busy harvest season with cucumbers, tomatoes, and tomatillos arriving soon. We will be packing pickles beginning in July this year, and hoping for a bountiful harvest so we can keep stocking our beloved pickles in as many stores as we can. Our organic pickles are truly a labor of love, hand packed and processed quickly to maintain a fresh crisp without any additives. Summer barbeques just wouldn’t be the same without pickles and relishes.

Just when we are up to our ears in cucumbers, tomatoes will be ripening and coming to us directly from our PNW farmers. This is another point in which our timing is crucial to lock in the fresh harvest flavors so they can be preserved all year long.

We grind our tomatoes in house and add them fresh to our Salsa recipes and you can really taste the difference that freshness makes. We are proud of our salsas and how they stand out in the shelf-stable market as fresh tasting and delicious, locally grown, organic, and packed in BPA free glass containers that can be reused and recycled. Now with the addition of our new Tomatillo Salsa, customers have four options to choose from with flavors from Mild and Medium to Hot.

Outside of the kitchen, we were able to revamp our office space this spring and add-on a new office for Zach, our Operations Manager, and create a new meeting space for our farmers and small business partners where we can discuss co-packing opportunities and ways we can support each other in our local food communities. We run a tight little operation here at Sweet Creek Foods, and the added office space has been very well received!

We live in a great community and each day we give great thanks to those that are a part of this wonderful food chain. May we all eat well, be well, support each other and have hope for the future.

From all of us at Sweet Creek Foods.

Sweet Creek Foods  fills a unique niche in their local food system. Working with local farmers to grow organic produce for their own product lines as well as offering small scale co-packing services to their partner farms is what they are all about.