June 8th Community Conversations: Pivoting Customer Relationships To Build a New Future

May 18th 2021


Tues. June 8th @ noon – 1:00 pm (PT)
Pivoting Customer Relationships To Build a New Future

Customer relationships are key to growing your business, and essential for building a better future. Come join us for an informative conversation on making this important shift in a meaningful way.  Please register here to participate with us on June 8.


How Community Conversations work:

We meet on Zoom on the second Tuesday of the month at 12:00 pm Pacific Time. These educational gatherings are lively, stimulating, and a great way to connect with both new and familiar faces. Join with Provender’s community members for monthly peer-to-peer, Community Conversations.

At the start of each meeting, we “seed” the conversation with a few members’ and others’ insights on a particular topic, then open up for participants to share their own ideas, challenges, and perspectives to address the upending of business practices.

Topics range from the continuing impact of COVID, Black Lives Matter, workplace stress, which networking framework will replace trade shows, the future of bulk bins, the shifting retail landscape, how to create more virtual connections with customers, fair trade and social justice, supply chain disruptions, staff safety, manufacturing, and more.

Learn from and share what you know with like-minded members of the Provender Community during a lunchtime gathering.  Your voice matters; everyone gets a seat at the table. This is the Provender brain trust at its best!

If you have questions about attending, please email us or call the Provender office at (503) 859-3600.

If you’d like to speak at the front end of one of our meetings when our facilitator highlights input and experience from designated participants, please email us here.

This event will be recorded and a copy will be available afterward for all registrants. Please note that by registering for this event, you give permission to be recorded, and for the content to be distributed later by Provender Alliance.

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