BIPOC Food Producers – Sowing the Seeds of Liberation

June 28th 2020

As a BIPOC-led alliance, HEAL Food Alliance is a multi-sector, multi-racial coalition building collective power to transform the food and farm systems.

They are led by member-organizations and strive to amplify the experience and expertise of frontline communities who are most burdened by the disparities of our current systems. Members of the HEAL Food Alliance have previously presented at the Provender Alliance Annual Educational Conference.

On June 18th, 2020, HEAL produced a powerful webinar: BIPOC Producers – Sowing the Seeds of Liberation. Three Provender board members and the executive director attended. If you are interested in being educated by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) producers and educators from the food and farm systems, this is worth one’s time to watch, learn, and be deeply moved.


This webinar was part of a toolkit focused on the second plank of HEAL’s Platform for Real Food, Opportunity for All Producers. For more about the history and policies that shaped the challenges that BIPOC producers face, check out the fact sheet (at the bottom) that they co-authored with the Union of Concerned Scientists.

A special thanks to HEAL members who spoke on this webinar:

Krysten Aguilar, La Semilla
Niaz Dorry, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance and National Family Farm Coalition
Ricardo Salvador, Union of Concerned Scientists
Roberto Nutlouis, Black Mesa Water Coalition
Shania Morris & Sonia Galiber, Soil Generation
Tiffany Patton, Real Food Media
Violet “Veve” Marley, Cosmic Roots Farm & Dreaming Out Loud for the gift of song (@vevemarley_)

To support the critical work of some of the HEAL member organizations represented in the webinar, please visit:

Black Mesa Water Coalition
La Semilla
Soil Generation

If you’re interested in expanding your understanding on the webinar topic and learn more about the work being done by BIPOC producers who are part of HEAL’s membership and beyond, check out their website and social media, or sign up for their newsletter.

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