Call for Provender Award Nominations

May 22nd 2018

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It’s time to get your nominations in for this year’s Provender Awards. Remember, awardees can be anyone you know that fits the bill for this year’s categories, regardless of Provender membership status. Once selected, awardees will be contacted in advance and invited to the awards dinner at the conference, should they wish to come accept their award in person. So, who have you seen or heard making a positive impact in your community? Nominate them here.

This year’s categories are:

Achievement in Community Organizing

The all too often unsung heroes of our communities! They sacrifice their personal time in an effort to organize us in the fights for just political systems, environmental conservation, healthy neighborhoods, and protected civil rights.

Achievement for Innovation in Environmental Sustainability

There are no shortages of environmental crises that need solving these days. As old issues continue and new issues are brought to light, the need for creative, innovative solutions is integral. Perhaps you’ve seen these solutions through adjustments in business operations, innovative product development, or within the functioning of your own communities.

Achievements in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This award is to recognize people who are working tirelessly toward ends that promote social justice, address the needs of marginalized communities, and increase accessibility to services, products, or jobs.  Whether in their community or within their place of business, this person is to be recognized for creating an inclusive culture that minimizes bias and recognizes the systemic inequities that, if left unaddressed, can create disadvantages for other individuals.

Achievement for Innovative Business Practices
As a network of manufacturers, farmers, retailers, and distributors, we are met with challenges that in ways big or small, are not often dissimilar from one another’s. This award recognizes those who are engaging in creative problem solving to common challenges that face our membership.

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Nominations are due by July 1st

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