Charlie Tilt – Co-owner and CEO, Hummingbird Wholesale

Charlie Tilt, along with his wife Julie, are co-owners of Hummingbird Wholesale, a small family-owned and operated business focused on being a positive force for change in the food industry. Since 1972, Hummingbird has endeavored to serve people and the planet by providing the highest quality, most nutritious foods, grown as locally and sustainably as possible. They bring to the food business realm their perspective and experience in permaculture and organic agriculture, and a desire to create and maintain health in our lives, work, and ecosystems. Hummingbird’s business model strives for maximum benefit for both customers and farmers. The Hummingbird team has worked to build long-term relationships with area farms and to support them in providing healthy food for our community.

Hummingbird Wholesale is a family-owned bulk and grocery foods manufacturer and distributor. They work directly with family farms to source wholesome Organic food, with a focus on Pacific Northwest-grown products, thoughtfully curating and creating unique, artisanal products, such as their trademarked AwakenedTM sprouted Pumpkin Seeds and single-origin honeys. In addition, they have an expanding production operation that manufactures products such as nut butters, cooking oils, granolas, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. More than a food distributor, they work closely with farmers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to promote sustainable agriculture, build regional food system infrastructure, and strengthen the organic community.