Coconut Bliss Provides Updates to Women Entrepreneurs Initiative in Philippines

August 12th 2019

In 2018, Coconut Bliss committed $20,000 to efforts aimed at improving the lives of women in the Philippines through opportunities to start their own businesses.

As a woman-led business with a company vision of “Blissful Experiences for All Beings”, Coconut Bliss was inspired by Project Drawdown to find a way to support and enhance the rights and well-being of women and girls. As stated in the book “Drawdown”, which includes the work of 300 scientists, “women and girls are pivotal to addressing climate change successfully – and to humanities’ overall resilience.”

With the support of Global Giving, a crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits with donors and companies, Coconut Bliss announced their project collaboration with WAND (Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation), an NGO based in the Philippines. This is an area where Coconut Bliss sources half of their coconut supply, a main ingredient for their line of certified organic, plant-based frozen desserts.

The goal of this project is to improve the lives of women and their families by supporting their small businesses. Donated funds help them make and sell value-added products such as charcoal from coconut shells, vinegar from coconut water, coco peat, and organic fertilizer. With a financial goal of $40,000 for the project, Coconut Bliss has contributed the first $20,000.

To read updates from the Phillipino project leader, click here.

reports on project progress

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