Dr. Bronner’s announces $50,000 Cosmic Match For Psilocybin Therapy

Dr Bronner's
April 20th 2020

by David Bronner – Cosmic Engagement Officer, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

As you may know, I have long been a strong supporter of drug policy reform in general and a huge supporter of the psilocybin therapy program proposed by IP 34 in Oregon.

Everything they’re doing — bringing a healing approach to depression and anxiety, prioritizing training and safety in developing their program, leaning on the great research that shows that psilocybin therapy is a breakthrough treatment for those in need, providing access and opportunity for spiritual healing for all who can benefit — inspires me each day.

I’ve supported and believed in Yes on IP 34 for a long time, and I’m stepping up to announce something big that hopefully pushes the initiative over the finish line to finally qualify for the ballot. As you know, the COVID-19 crisis has stopped our petition drive for IP 34 in its tracks. We only need 16,000 more petitions to get on the ballot, but everything is harder and more expensive when you can’t talk to people face to face.

To qualify for the ballot, IP 34 needs $300,000 ASAP during the COVID-19 shutdown to cover the costs of social distanced petition gathering — online outreach, mail, and expanded grassroots organizing to find new signers in ways we never had to contemplate before.

My family and I are stepping up and offering a donor match. For every dollar the campaign raises up to $50,000 — we’ll match it. 
So, double the power of your dollar today — make a donation and we’ll match you.

Tell your friends, they make a donation — we’ll match them too.

Over one hundred thousand Oregonians have said they want the power and healing of psilocybin therapy — help their voices be heard at the ballot by helping us raise the final $300,000 we need. 
This match can make the difference — it’s the difference between success and failure. We can’t do this without your help. Make a donation, and help us create a new path for healing at a time when the world truly needs it.

Thanks for all your love and support,

David Bronner
Cosmic Engagement Officer
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

If you live in Oregon, you can sign the petition here.