From Fear to Discovery: Harnessing the Power of an OPEN Mind

May 15th 2019

Presented by Keynote Speaker Margi Simmons

In this laughter-filled, interactive keynote, you will gain inspiration and proven techniques from the world of improvisation to help you expand your comfort zone to create meaningful connections and drive positive change in your industry. You’ll practice the “Big Five” behaviors from the world of improvisation and learn how to foster a Mindset of Discovery to develop your power to innovate and connect with others in the room through hands-on exercises and open conversation.

You will laugh, learn and practice taking small risks. The experience will be perfectly suited for introverts, extroverts, analytical thinkers, creative types, perfectionists (recovering or not), and anyone who enjoys having fun! Join us in jumping in and saying “Yes, And” to learning and growth.


Margi Simmons is the Director of Applied Improvisation at the Brave New Workshop, where she trains and inspires thousands of professionals each year. Her sharp mind and refined sense of humor propelled her comedic career rapidly from the classrooms of the Brave New Workshop Student Union, where Margi was learning the art form of improvisation, to the main stage of the Brave New Workshop Theater. As a true improviser, she embraced the art form both onstage and offstage and quickly gained a following as one of the stars of the BNW. Margi’s contributions, to this day, are considered some of the best scenes performed on our stage. After hundreds of successful sketches and memorable performances, she relocated to Los Angeles where she continued to leave her creative footprint, flip flops and all.

After 12 years in LA, Brave New Workshop successfully lured her back with the promise of unlimited coffee at the office and the ability to work with amazing corporate audiences every week. Margi shares her talent with our corporate clients all over the U.S. as a lead facilitator and emcee for the Brave New Workshop Creative Outreach.

She has wowed companies such as Accenture, General Mills, Hilton Worldwide, Land o’ Lakes, Allianz, Carlson Companies, Cargill, Dole, Novo Nordisk, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thrivent, Target, and Wells Fargo to name a few.

Margi is also a leading force behind the Brave New Workshop’s women-focused programs and facilitates learning experiences for hundreds of women every year, helping them use their authentic voice and become their best, most creative selves.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Margi is a real Minnesota native, and currently residing in Minneapolis, where she is reconnecting with her deep appreciation for the beautiful Minnesota winter.