From the Board

April 16th 2018

by Renee Kempka

The rain and warmer weather pops out a profusion of spring color in flowers and greenery. We hope this change in season affects our upcoming Provender retreat in the same way, where fertile ideas pop out of Board Member’s heads as we plan for future activities and Provender improvements.

As is common with many smaller non-profits, some of the largest challenges come in financial stability, maintaining relevancy and finding member benefits to attract folks with corresponding values to the organization. Provender is no exception, so we take the extra time to wind down and think about some core values and what our future compass bearing might be to steer a strategic path. We have a full agenda next week and here are a couple of highlights: formulate an Inclusivity Statement, plan for the 2018 conference, brainstorm ideas for fundraising, strategic planning (always, always), review and refine our policies, discuss board recruitment techniques.

Our work at this retreat is crucially important for the organization. I describe this work for you to keep you apprised of the continuing evolution of Provender. I also want to solicit feedback and participation from our membership because your voice is important to us. The board will set in motion plans for the future that will bring about change; some slow and deliberate, other changes a sharp contrast to what we have done in the past. It’s really about process improvement for us, and maintaining some resiliency and a receptive approach to change.   As charming as the slow moving, iconic steel convertibles of the past may seem, the world is whizzing by a bit faster. It’s time to gear up with our fleet-footed, ecological minded, electrical car.

We hope you will join us at the Conference in October to witness the changes and fruits of our strategic work, to connect with one another and refresh, learn something new and keep the spirit of our natural industry alive.