From The Board of Directors

June 14th 2018

by Rachel Mitrani, Provender Board President

Happy almost summer to The Provender Community! The message from the board is a great tradition in the Provender Journal. It is my opportunity as your Provender Board member to share my thoughts, feelings and insights regarding anything relevant to our community.

This is my 5th year on the Board of Directors and my 2nd year as Board President. It has been a great privilege to have the opportunity to serve this wonderful organization. I have helped to see this 43-year-old organization through a very important transition in the last year.

Transitions often mean change. When I reflect on my experience being on the board through these transitional times both for Provender and our natural products community I see a desire to keep moving forward, to making ourselves better and create even more change in the world that we want to see.

Provender Board service has taught me new skills and enabled me to engage in critical and strategic thinking. These new skills have helped me grow personally; I find myself using those skills in practice everyday in my work and home life.

I’m very proud of my experience being on the Provender Board and I encourage others to consider participating. The Provender Board work is difficult, engaging, fun and helps give me a feeling of a larger purpose in service to my community. The Provender Board’s mission is to ensure this cherished and honored organization exists another 40 years into the future.

Some of the critical work the board is doing right now is working on a 5-year strategic plan. This work is relevant to any strategic planning you may need to do in other aspects of your work or home life. The Provender Board, in conjunction with the Executive Director are working on ways to stay relevant in a changing global industry by introducing new technologies and ways of staying connected with the Provender Community year-round.

If you are looking for a way to engage with the natural foods trade and be a part of something that encourages personal growth and educating our community then please reach out to any board member or Vicki and we will help get you plugged in. Provender Board service is an honor and I encourage you to consider getting involved as we could really use your voice at the table!

With so much love and gratitude,