From the Board of Directors

September 19th 2018

by Jenica Caudill

This year’s conference is in less than two weeks and your elected Provender Board has been B-U-S-Y. In keeping with this year’s conference theme, Minding Our Mission, Finding Our Future, outside of conference planning, our time has been heavily occupied with building an effective strategic plan. As the landscape of our industry and the needs of our members continue to change and grow, the board has been reflecting on what Provender has done well over the last four decades, and where we can expand our value.

We have always sought to nourish, educate, and inspire our members. This work, and especially through our coordination of the annual conference, has also allowed us the unique ability to build a meaningful community within our membership. We believe this community and these values are the roots of Provender and the places from which we seek to grow.  Through our work on the strategic plan, we have identified four areas where we’d like to improve:

  • the financial stability of our organization
  • the growth and encouragement of an engaged, diverse, and stable membership
  • increasing the number of and access to member benefits
  • continuing to have a strong Board of Directors.

As we continue to implement the methods we will use to reach these goals, we welcome the input of our membership in guiding our organization through these changes. We are your board and are here to serve you, our members, so please reach out to any of us with ideas on how to meet these goals and your needs.

On the conference front, we hope that you’re all getting acquainted with the app, which is replacing the paper program! We’re particularly excited about the increased networking abilities, greater outreach capacity for our sponsors (we can’t do this conference without you!), and the ease with which attendees will now be able to plan their days, evaluate workshops, review vendor materials, and so, so much more!