From the Board of Directors

June 11th 2019

by Mark DiMaggio, Provender Alliance board member

Hello Provender Members!

What an awesome first six months on the Board it has been. From hiring a new Executive Director, hosting our first ever 3-city Simulcast Workshop, and an in-person retreat on the Oregon coast, we are laying the groundwork for another insightful and collaborative conference. A special thanks to Kjell van Zoen for his presentation on Holistic Financials as well as Stacy Kraker with Hummingbird Wholesale, Joe Hamilton at Pilgrim’s Market and Red Duck foods for hosting the event.

The In-person Board Retreat was a great opportunity for our new Executive Director and board members to better acquaint themselves with the organization and other members. A positive debate occurred around the future of our industry and the direction that Provender Alliance must go in order to continue to be a pioneer in the Pacific Northwest.

Provender and the natural products industry are at an inflection point that requires this community to come together. With over 30 manufacturers, over 20 retailers, 5 distributors, and over 30 different service providers, we need to be the solution to the mainstreaming of our industry and find unique ways to keep our brands, stores, and distribution connected like never before!

We encourage all people that are trying to find ways to be more involved in our ever-changing industry/community to run for the Board and be able to draw on over 75 years of natural products experience. It is also a great way to share your own ideas and shape the movement for years to come!


Board member Mark DiMaggio moved to the Pacific Northwest and can’t imagine another place to live and work. Mark started the journey towards the PNW as an undergraduate at Bentley University in Massachusetts. After graduating with an Economics and Finance degree, Mark worked at Equal Exchange as a sales representative and tea supply chain developer. It was there that he had a peek behind the food industry’s curtain and vowed to stay connected to the natural foods world. After some bouncing around the country with his wife and lab, Mark found Red Duck Foods, a start-up condiment company and B Corp based in the PNW, and thus was able to make a safe landing in Portland, OR.