From the Board of Directors

September 19th 2019

by Rachel Mitrani, Board Treasurer

Greetings to the Provender Community! It is with great honor and sadness that I am writing my final journal entry as a board member for the Provender Alliance. I have served this community for 6 years on the board and a few years prior as a volunteer. It has been an experience I will treasure for so many reasons. First and foremost, the long-lasting relationships and friendships I have gained are priceless. I have also grown both professionally and personally while being on the board. I have seen my capacity as a leader blossom and my engagement with the natural food’s movement deepens. I have been inspired by the highest level of integrity and values our Provender community holds and brings to the world.

Some days it may be easy to lose sight of our mission and purpose in our daily work. When I engage with the Provender community, I am refreshed and reminded that I am not out there alone doing my small part. It is the collective movement forward that has gotten us to where we are now as a community and how it will help us to see continued success in the future.

The Provender Alliance would not exist if it wasn’t for our membership and our allies in this healthy products movement. Provender keeps us educated and inspired to wake up every day and work hard and do our part for the Planet and the People. I highly encourage you to consider how you can contribute your time and talents to this especially important part of the heritage of our community. Here is to keep moving forward with passion, aligned values, and integrity. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, it has been a privilege.