From the Desk of the Executive Director

April 17th 2018

by Vicki Reich

Before you is the first or the final edition of “Provender e-News”, depending on how you look at it.  Before you get worried (or excited) that the monthly email you’ve come to love is going away, let me explain.

When I first took on the job of ED, I started sending out a regular, weekly email with member job postings and press releases (rather than sending them out willy-nilly when I received the information from members).  At that time, Provender was already sending out a monthly email called “Provender e-News” that contained news from the board and the ED, plus links to articles that members might find useful or interesting.  In the winter, we moved to an on-line e-Journal and started sending out a quarterly email announcement about journal content.  So now I send out three different types of email and I’m not sure if anyone else besides myself really knows the difference between the three.

The other issue I ran into was finding lots of interesting information that I wanted to share but sometimes having to wait a month for the e-news to come out to share it.  As we all know, the news cycle these days moves fast and furious so by the time I put the e-news together, much of the information I had collected over the month seemed dated.

My solution to these two problems is what you hold in your virtual hands, a combination of the weekly email and the old version of “Provender e-News”.  It contains member news, Provender news and news I think someone out there might be interested in.  This new and, I hope, improved version of “Provender e-News” will come out weekly.  The Provender news section of this new and improved weekly email will contain a variety of information about Provender goings-on, including a monthly update from the Board and myself.  The e-Journal announcement will come out quarterly in addition to that week’s e-News.

I’d love to hear your feedback on any and all parts of the electronic communication I send out.  I’m always interested in what you think is important news.  If you find stuff you’d like me to share, please send me a link.  If you are a member, send me any job postings or news about your business and I’ll get them out to our mailing list (this is FREE and a great benefit of membership).  I hope you enjoy the changes.