Hashtag Strategies to Amplify Your Brand on LinkedIn

March 13th 2018

by Victor Willis, Campbeltown Consulting

Hashtags are an essential ingredient on Instagram’s visually centric platform. But LinkedIn, the world’s largest business network with over 500 million members, also employs hashtags and deserves your attention when it comes to marketing your brand. Admittedly the company has been slow to the table. But you can be an early adopter by using hashtags to your advantage.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are words or phrases with a # in front of them and are used when sharing content. They are searchable on social media platforms. They can be related to your job function, industry and interests. For example: #food, #mushrooms or #marketing.

How are they used on LinkedIn?

Hashtags can be cute and comical but they actually expand your reach and help people discover your content so it’s vital to get it right to reach your target clients. Adding hashtags on LinkedIn helps surface your articles in front of people outside of your community without needing to be connected, get likes or receive comments on your status updates.

When you visit LinkedIn and type any hashtag into the search bar, you will get a list of relevant people, companies, groups and posts. #Naturalfoods, #Organic, #Consulting and #Sales are hashtags I use frequently because it’s related to what I do and what I want to be known for.

Strategies for success

Here are five strategies to amplify your personal or consumer brand using hashtags on Linkedin:

  1. Insert hashtags into your profile. Help others find you or your brand by optimizing your profile using hashtags. The easiest way is to turn one or two keywords in your LinkedIn summary into hashtags like #Marketing or #Finance. The hashtags will increase the chance that a customer or prospect might find you when searching for a product or service through LinkedIn’s search engine.
  2. Incorporate hashtags in your status updates and Pulse articles. Instagram has relaxed rules on the number of permitted hashtags but LinkedIn members are not accustomed to seeing and using hashtags. I suggest choosing 3-5 hashtags for each new post. You can upload audios, videos, images, documents and presentations and insert hashtags to boost your brand awareness.
  3. Add hashtags to your comments on other people’s status updates. When you respond on another person’s update, you are building a stronger network. Strengthen your hashtag muscle by inserting hashtags to further ensure your name is associated with certain hashtags and promote your ranking for that hashtag. A baker that uses emmer and einkorn might select #ancientgrains. Or perhaps you’re a broker that wants to draw attention to your client’s bone broth and you select #bonebroth and #naturalfoods.
  4. Insert hashtags on your company pages. Weave hashtags into your LinkedIn company pages. You can easily do this by inserting hashtags at the foot of About Us or in Specialties.
  5. Engagement = opportunity. Hashtags are here to stay!  If you have favorite hashtags on twitter or Instagram, start to monitor them on LinkedIn. Engaging with posts or B2B groups that use natural foods specific hashtags is one way to get noticed on LinkedIn and build thought leadership in your niche. Include them on every piece of content you publish or share on the site.

Victor Willis is Founder and Principal of Campbeltown Consulting, a Portland based consulting and coaching firm that helps bring natural, organic and specialty packaged products to market.