Here’s What’s Happening in July

July 17th 2017

-from the desk of Vicki Reich, Interim Executive Director

What’s Happening?  The Conference is happening!  On-line registration (yes, on-line registration!) opens this Wednesday July 19th.  It’s a pretty exciting moment in my world and I hope it is in yours.

The conference packet will be available in PDF format on the same day (I’d publish it today but I’m still waiting on a couple of last minute descriptions and it looks kind of messy right now).  If you are as impatient as me, you can find out all about the Conference right now right here on the Provender website.  Just click on the Conference tab to find out about all the workshops and other events that will be happening in just 78 day (according to the countdown timer at the bottom of the page).

Everyone receiving this newsletter will get an email announcing that registration is open and a link to the packet.  Members will have to sign in to receive member pricing.  If you haven’t signed in to our new membership website, you will have to reset your password using the email where you received this newsletter.  Once you log in, you will see both member and non-member pricing.  Please make sure to select the member pricing.  This information and the links to reset your password will be included in the announcement e-mail.

Like every piece of software I’ve ever used, the new membership software is pretty darn powerful but it’s not perfect.  Since this is the first time we’ve done on-line registration, I am sure there will be glitches.  I’ve try to test it out and set it up so there are the fewest possible problems but there will still be some.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or by e-mail if you have any questions or problems trying to register on-line.  You can also do it the old fashioned way and mail in your registration form, which you will find in the back of the Conference packet once it is published.

I hope, after looking through all the great stuff we have planned, you will be just as excited to come to the Conference as we are to have you!