Pranarom’s Adaptation to the Pandemic

June 28th 2020

by Amy Pereira – Educational Director, Pranarom USA

I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few insights and highlights on how Pranarom has adjusted and responded to education, manufacturing, product production, and more in the face of the new chain of cause and effect that we’ve all experienced throughout the ongoing global pandemic. I’d also like to share a few personal thoughts and ideas that I hope can help us all to co-create a healthier world to inhabit.

In late March, Pranarom moved the

customer Care and Marketing teams home in order to adhere to local guidelines, to keep them safe, and to prevent exposure to or spread of Mers-CoV-2/Corona-19. For those whose in-house presence has been vital for bottling, shipping and other critical tasks, new policies and procedures have been implemented to ensure that all have access to clean masks, all are able to perform in a way that allows them to maintain safe physical distance, and that any employee experiencing symptoms of illness remains at home until it is safe for them to resume without risk to others.

Additionally, newly developed hand purifier and mask purifier offerings (built-in response to customer’s needs and pleas for more health and safety-focused items) are readily available at each employee’s work station while other immune-supportive items remain available for use in diffusers, for palm inhalation and in other health-supportive ways.

In order to support retailers and customers alike, Pranarom increased production capacity to allow for a rapid, stable increase of inventory of high-demand items, including Immune Defense Solution, which purifies the air and supports the respiratory system.

Pranarom’s most lightning-fast pivots centered upon the formulation of three new products: Hand Purifier (which meets CDC recommendations for alcohol content, while meeting our high standards for quality, organic agricultural practices), Mask Purifier (which leverages the power of organic alcohol plus a potent blend of naturally-efficacious essential oils to help purify cloth coverings between use), and S.O.S Essential Oil Wellness Kit (includes our Sinus Formula, Immunity Boost, and Good Samaritan). These aforementioned actions and items are now in place to help us all maintain our defenses and stay well in the face of Covid-19 and to help ensure that we meet customers’ needs in a timely manner and provide consistent access to antimicrobial plant constituents at a time where they have proven to be so invaluable to so many.

On the educational front, great change abounded as well, in light of nationwide event cancellations, travel restrictions, and in-person gathering bans. Pranarom shifted gears to focus on virtually training retail partners who have been able to get the team together and use this time to expand their knowledge and refresh on topics of key importance to community health. We also added additional webinars and focus upon immune and respiratory system support as well as research-based ways to stay well and keep the home a non-toxic, clean, safe and peaceful sanctuary through the use of essential oil diffusion; essential oil supplementation; essential oil-based cleaning projects and products; and additional validated scientific aromatherapy approaches. Although we are sad to know that we will not see you in person at Provender’s annual October event, we’re here for you in the event that you have any educational requests.

While so many things have changed in our world since the time of the Spring newsletter and while so much more has changed here at Pranarom than is listed, a number of things remain the same including our unwavering commitment to providing sustainably-harvested, always Organic plant-powered products for seasonal and year round-wellness!


At Pranarom Scientific Aromatherapy, each and every one of our products begins with sustainably harvested organic plants that have been distilled or pressed into pure oils. As experts in Scientific Aromatherapy, we safely harness the active properties of plants for vibrant health and wellness. Some see small amber bottles; we see a world of plants. For more information on any of the products seen within, visit or call  (952) 831-6776