How to Disagree Better

Creating your Conflict Resolution Toolkit

In this interactive learning experience you will discover your role in creating trust, building relationships, and responding to conflict.

By exploring what is difficult (difficult conversations, difficult coworkers,
difficult supervisors) you will practice communication and self-awareness skills to center human connection and relationships with clarity and kindness.

This workshop is designed to support all leaders seeking greater ease and less stress at work. Together we will explore what is at the heart of disagreement and conflict and ways to find your footing as well as common ground.


  • Learn skills to be more responsive and less reactionary
  • Understand what is necessary to build and restore trust
  • Practice listening to learn not listening to be right
  • Hone in on cultivating strategies and behaviors necessary
    to benefit from conflict and navigate it successfully.

3-part series in collaboration with Columinate

Wednesdays, July 31, August 7 & 14   —   1:00 – 2:30 PT

Provender Member Cost: $349 NON-Member Cost: $429 (sign in to receive member pricing)

LAURA KING – Leadership Development Coach

As a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Mediator Laura centers human relationships, mindfulness, and communication in her work. She knows that growing people is at the heart of growing the natural foods movement, non-profits and cooperatives. She has 25 years of experience exploring both the art and science of adult development while supporting leaders and creating aligned teams.  Her workshops and coaching focus on the deeply human need to learn and innate desire to realize one’s full potential.

A front row seat in co-operative leadership and human resources has provided insight into how much time and energy at workplaces is spent on avoiding uncertainties, covering up weaknesses, managing people’s impressions, and longing for more confidence. Drawing on the wisdom of Brene Brown, David Whyte, Resmaa Menakem and Leadership Pioneers from Minds at Work, she shares insight on ways to cultivate and maintain healthy workplace relationships while overcoming obstacles to change. Her work aligns with the inner development goals (being, thinking, relating, collaborating, acting) put forth by the UN as a pre-requisite for sustainable global change.

MARK MULCAHY – Regenerative Retail Specialist

Mark Mulcahy is the founder and owner of Organic Options and member of Columinate, which provides transformative leadership and consulting services for Natural and Organic food retailers, Businesses, farms and distributors. An award-winning consultant, educator, mentor and organic advocate, he has spent more than 38 years in the organic food industry leading, guiding and inspiring others to their fullest potential.

Mark is well known for his creative merchandising, effective training techniques, unique and creative approaches to leadership, successful sales growth and promotion strategies, as well as his deep-seated passion for produce and dedication to sustainable agriculture.

Mark is the co-creator and presenter of Rising Stars, Flavor Foundations, and Passion, Purpose and Produce retreats: a fun, thought-provoking, interactive and inspiring journey into your  unique role as a  bold dreamer and changemaker in the world of food and its relationship and connection with our mind, body and community.

As part of the Columinate Manager on contract and GM development program Mark has helped Independent Natural Food stores and Co-op’s revamp, revitalize,and restructure their organizations to stabilize and strengthen their operations as they transition to a new leadership.