Provender Offers January Workshop Series on Kind & Effective Communication

December 21st 2021

Kind & Effective Communication: Leading Essential Workplace Conversations

A four-part Thursday workshop series in January  @ 1:00 – 2:30 PM (Pacific)

  • 01/06 – Being Centered and Present
  • 01/13 – Listening Intently, Because They Matter
  • 0/20 – Communicating Your Needs, Because You Matter
  • 01/27 Preparing Effectively

Presenter: Justin Freeman – Owner, Bagel Sphere & Oregon Copacking

Free to all Provender Members
Location: Zoom Online




This workshop series aims to help equip you to get better at leading some of the most difficult conversations that every team member, manager, and leader has to face. Performance conversations, staff dynamics, terminations, dealing with the unexpected – as people managers or co-workers, leading these types of conversations comes with the territory. It’s part of the job, and we owe it to our team members, our organizations, and ourselves to prepare well and continue to seek to improve our skills in this area.

We seek to model Kind & Effective Communication, wherein you, as leaders, start to see these potentially challenging conversations as opportunities to communicate with kindness while not diminishing your effectiveness. So often, we can find ourselves believing that kindness and effectiveness are mutually exclusive, that showing kindness can lessen the effectiveness of our message, or that getting effective outcomes and plans of action requires us to be unkind.

We hope to show you a counter perspective over this four-week series, that kindness and effectiveness are actually intertwined, and that leading with kindness can actually result in great outcomes for you and your team.

Please register today! Here’s how we’ll approach this work together over four consecutive Thursdays in January:

Week 1 (01/06) – Being Centered and Present
– The Case for Kindness at Work
– Mindful Presence in Conversation

Week 2 (01/13) – Listening Intently, Because They Matter
– Active Listening

Week 3 (01/20) – Communicating Your Needs, Because You Matter
– Assertive Communication

Week 4 (01/27) – Preparing Effectively
– The Kind & Effective Conversations Model

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ABOUT JUSTIN FREEMAN – Justin owns and operates Bagel Sphere and Oregon Copacking in the Eugene/Springfield metro area, and serves on the board of Oregon Tilth and Supervisory Committee of Oregon Community Credit Union.





**Provender recognizes everyone is a leader in the work that each does — one’s title or official role doesn’t matter. We ALL lead in a myriad of ways, especially when we engage using kind and effective communication with others.