July Inspiration from the Board: Joe Wade

Joe Wade
July 15th 2019

by Joe Wade

One of the most gratifying parts of being on the Board is having a reason to stay in touch with our community.  Reaching out to long-time member organizations, former Board members and volunteers, and to newcomers to our community is deeply enriching.  When I do this, it reminds me of why I choose this lifestyle and career. I’m reminded that there are many others who are intentional members of this community.

Some of our members have been a part of natural products in the PNW for a career. For them, Provender offers a way to maintain the many relationships built through those years, as well as an opportunity to help cultivate new leadership within their groups.  Networking with other Provender organizations can provide mentoring and business opportunities. New members quickly become a part of a mature network of businesses and organizations that can Nourish, Educate, and Inspire.

I hope you will join me at the conference.  I’d love to hear how Provender has been an influence in your life.


Joe Wade has lived and worked in the field of natural foods since his college days in Atlanta GA. For many of the early years that was as a retailer in small shops and co-ops. Since relocating to the Seattle area in the late 70’s he’s also worked with large and small distributors, and with brokers – for a total of 40 years in the business and in the natural food community. He’s been a committed Provendarian for most of those years, staying in touch with friends and being inspired by many a Conference. He and his wife Annie (met her at the co-op) are now empty nesters, except for exchange students, and still in the Seattle area. When not at work as a broker, or enjoying time and meals together with friends, Joe is a serious amateur pianist. He looks forward to being more constantly in touch with the visionary energy and inspired builders that make up Provender Alliance.