Victor Shamas PhD – Psychologist, Lecturer, and Author

Victor is a retired University of Arizona psychologist, lecturer, and author of four books: Deep Creativity, The Way of Play, The Chanter’s Guide, and Repose: The Potent Pause. His research is featured in the TEDx talk, “The Art of Creative Inspiration.” Besides being the co-founder and director of two non-profit groups, Global Chant and PlayHaven, Victor hosts the “Inspired by Nature” podcast and publishes a dynamic blog on creative inspiration. Victor resides in Tucson, Arizona, and is currently writing his fifth book about creative inspiration, scheduled to appear in print in 2022. He is also the proud and loving husband of Maria Shamas, a continual source of inspiration for creativity.


At a time of unprecedented change, creative inspiration holds the key to effective leadership. Recent breakthroughs in creativity research reveal the nature of inspiration, which bears important similarities to the experience of being in love.
Here, you will discover the three keys to inspired leadership that will make it possible for you to be inspired, share your inspiration with others, and tap into the power of creative inspiration to revolutionize virtually every aspect of your life, including your business and entire industry.