Lisa Spicka – CEO, Maracuja Solutions


As a natural products industry strategist and educator, Maracuja Solutions’ CEO, Lisa Spicka, helps clients build sustainability strategies, develop cross-sector programs, deepen supply chain integrity initiatives, and assess the viability of new product strategies. These solutions enable the scaling of resilient products and services, whose integrity reduces risk, creates loyalty, improves brand reputation and product quality, and contributes to regenerative community culture.

Lisa has worked extensively in the United States and Latin America, with deep experience in the coffee, medicinal herbs, cheese, and non-profit sectors. Key contributions include work with the Sustainable Food Trade Association, Cypress Grove Chevre, Trout Lake Farm, the International Organic Inspectors Association, the Climate Collaborative, and the Organic Crop Improvement Association.

Her roles have included domestic and global leadership in operations and project management, education, supplier management, and sustainability. You can contact Lisa here at Maracuja Solutions.