May Inspiration from the Board: Jenica Caudill

Jenica Caudill
May 7th 2019

by Jenica Caudill

Sometimes it can be hard to articulate what’s special about the Provender Alliance. For many of us, it’s best captured by the way we feel immediately after the conference.

But then we leave. We return to our registers, computer desks, packaging lines, and distribution vehicles; the glow wears off and reality sets back in. Sometimes, that reality can feel pretty heavy.

And for those of us in the natural foods and products movement, there is no doubt that we are up against a lot. As your board, we know this because we’ve heard it again and again from you, our members, and we’re also feeling the squeeze in our own workplaces as well.

But our membership is a seriously special group of people. And lately Provender’s board of directors has been talking a lot about our collective power and the waves we can make together when we collaborate.

This idea of organizing within our community is one we are incorporating throughout our board work, and you’ll be seeing more of this theme in the coming months as we continue to organize for the next conference.

Stay tuned and stay energized!


Jenica Caudill
Board of Directors Member, Provender Alliance
Operations and Communications Coordinator, Fair World Project


Board members Jenica Caudill, Meg Kennedy, and Rachel Mitrani during a break during April’s extended Board of Directors planning sessions.