Member News – Sweet Creek Foods

June 13th 2018

Sweet Creek Foods of Elmira, Oregon has just produced another season of our delicious Albacore Tuna. This tuna is really something special. Starting with troll caught tuna off the Oregon coast, we hand pack each jar using the finest loins. Our tuna is then cooked only once, insuring lots of heart friendly omega 3 oils. We are proud to guarantee this is of the highest quality tuna that you’ll ever eat. It’s great to use in salads, sandwiches, casseroles or just eat it straight from the jar. We support the Oregon fishermen. They’re good at what they do!

Along with producing our own line of Sweet Creek Foods, a core part of our mission is partnering with local farmers to produce shelf-stable, value added products for their own brands. Some producers already have their own recipes, but if not, we are always happy to share our own knowledge and experience to help create a new, delicious recipe. We’re happy to have partnered this year with Gathering Together Farm of Philomath, OR, Winter Green Farm of Noti, OR, Ayres Creek Farm of Gaston, OR, Berkey’s Blueberries of Lebanon, OR, Apple Hill of Cheshire, OR, and Organic Redneck of the McKenzie Valley. We love our local farmers!

We appreciate a new trend:   in-store delis are using our product in their cold & hot bars! Pickled Beets are in salads, Enchilada Sauce is used in soups and Mexican dishes, and Tomato Sauces complement pasta dishes!

Zach will be traveling across Oregon and Washington. He enjoys meeting store buyers, telling the Sweet Creek story, and turning new customers onto our delicious products. We’ve added some great new products! Working with Northwest farmers and fishermen, Sweet Creek Foods proudly offers an array of certified organic pickles, relishes, pickled beets and jalapenos, fruit spreads, salsas, enchilada sauces (red and green), tomato sauces, apple sauces, and line-caught albacore tuna from the Oregon coast. We deliver this high quality northwest goodness preserved in glass jars to stores and co-ops in Oregon, Washington, and as far south as Berkeley, California.

Paul, the brains behind the wonder of mechanics that Sweet Creek has become, is developing a new custom addition to our kitchen facility that will allow for increased production and less handling during the canning process.

We live in a great community and each day we give great thanks for those that are a part of this wonderful food chain. May we all eat well, be well, support each other and have hope for the future.

From all of us at Sweet Creek Foods