Moving Forward at Sweet Creek Foods

December 13th 2018

Fall harvest is complete and we’ve packed all that fresh, ripe Northwest grown produce into our delicious, shelf-stable recipes ready to take home and enjoy! Looking ahead, we’re beginning our hand-packing of the finest tuna from the Oregon Coast, provided by our local fishermen. We use younger fish, which have less mercury accumulation compared to larger, older fish. By using younger fish caught from the Oregon Coast, we minimize our exposure to heavy metals while maintaining access to natural heart-healthy omega 3 oils. According to the Oregon Albacore Commission, “Oregon Albacore is the tuna with the highest amount of beneficial Omega-3 oils … they haven’t had time to accumulate significant quantities of mercury, eliminating any worry with Oregon Albacore.” Read more about Oregon’s rich fishing tradition and sustainable practices here.

With the close of our fresh harvest season, we’ve concluded another difficult cucumber harvest. Due to crop failures and extreme heat this year, it was impossible to produce the full line of Sweet Creek pickle varieties. In order to fully stock our products throughout the year, we had to make hard decisions and minimize the varieties we offer. Thankfully, we were able to produce Paul’s Whole Dills, Dill Relish and Sweet Relish and they will remain available, but sadly we have discontinued production of Paul’s Sliced Dills, Paul’s Chili Dills, and Bread and Butter Pickles – some of our favorites! Thank you to all of our fans that have enjoyed these products over the years and especially to those who’ve taken the time to write to us, your positive feedback has been a great inspiration to us in our daily routines. We are disappointed to be letting these products go, as they are so loved by so many of us and our customers, but we will continue undeterred developing new products that build upon and support our local food community, producers, and customers. (If you’re really jonesin’ for some Chili Dill satisfaction, here’s a tip: you can try making your own at home by adding 3-4 bird’s eye chilies to a jar of Paul’s Whole Dills and waiting for the desired level of heat, about 3 weeks.)

Speaking of new developments, Sweet Creek Foods is happy to be offering health insurance benefits to our employees! This is a big step forward for us in our effort to support our community and our families. Now more than ever, securing affordable health care is crucial to health and sustainability, and we will continue to do our part in this effort.

2018 has brought another first with the completion of a 3rd Party Audit and Certification here at Sweet Creek Foods! This is an exciting step for us, opening up new venues of distribution both in our local markets and broader areas of opportunity. We’re happy to share this new advantage with our local co-packing partners. By completing this step, Sweet Creek Foods has made it easier than ever for local producers to take advantage of our facility and expertise to preserve their harvest and create value added products to bring to market.

We live in a great community and each day we give great thanks for those that are a part of this wonderful food chain. May we all eat well, be well, support each other and have hope for the future.

From all of us at Sweet Creek Foods