News from the Board of Directors

January 11th 2018

by Rachel Mitrani

Hello to our Provender Community!

I would like to first send wishes for a happy and healthy new year! As we enter 2018, it is a great time to set positive intentions for both personal and professional goals. Your Provender Board of Directors would like to extend an invitation to let us know what we can do to support your organizations in this new year. We are currently working on a strategic plan to make sure we are inspiring and educating our community into the future. We want to know from you what this may look like. What areas of your business can we be of support? What areas do you need more education so that your business can thrive and continue to grow? Please keep an eye out for opportunities throughout this year to engage with the board on these questions or email me your ideas. We wouldn’t exist for over 40 years without our membership and appreciate your continued support and input.