Northbest Natural Products Offers Organic Saffron Grown in Washington State

December 10th 2019

Northbest Natural Products is offering the first locally grown, certified organic saffron from Chelan, WA. For the last five years, the spice has been grow using organic methods but transitioned to certification in 2019. Branded as “Cyprus Saffron”, the company is a small family owned business, that grows the exotic spice on their 12-acre ranch, where the dry and hot climate in Easter Washington provides the perfect environment for the saffron.

A recent interview by local National Public Radio station KOUW shares that:

In 2014, Iranian-born immigrant Darush Amiri and his wife bought a ranch near sunny Lake Chelan, Washington. That land is now the spice source for their company, Cyrus Saffron.

“Twenty years ago or so a big fire went through the area where I bought this land and that added a lot of ashes on top of the soil, which helped the soil to become super-fine,” Amiri said in an interview. “That’s what I need for my saffron.”

The couple planted crocus satisvus bulbs, an autumn-blooming variety. The hand-harvested flowers yield red filaments, known to botanists as stigmas. When dried, those threads become the spice, saffron.

“I was talking to my dad and he’s like, ‘You know, this is something you have to do because this is through our roots. This is in our DNA. It’s something you can accomplish there,'” Amiri said. “Chelan is exactly like where I come from in northeastern Iran originally. I always feel like home.”

Amiri said his grandfather and father historically grew saffron in Iran, but then the family’s fields were seized by the Iranian government.

“We always had a problem with the government and everything there and we were forced to leave,” he explained.


To find out more about ordering for your store, contact Saul Fortunoff at Northbest Natural Products by phone at 206-463-4000, or email


> Locally Grown (Chelan, WA) on 12 acres of pristine land.
> Certified Organic (WSDA)
> 22-24 Karat (top ½ of stigma) for amazing quality
> Priced 20+% lower than comparable quality saffron.
> Glass packaging on a hanging card keeps products fresh and accessible and safe.
> Superior color, aroma, and flavor.
> Lab results 20+% above “average” – Crocin (color) = 273, Safranol (aroma) 35.9 Picrocrocin (taste)= 105
> Informational card gives plant based (Saffron rice) recipe, Cyrus Saffron story, and pictures. Unique product and recipe measure shown by both grams and threads (for ease of consumer in kitchen)
> Late fall harvest gives farm workers another month of work, plus “local” guarantees no slave or child labor.
> Small family, multi generation, business values quality over quantity.