Notes from the Board

August 18th 2017

We all, as a people, have been affected by the recent, tragic, disturbing events in Charlottesville, leaving us reflecting on what this all means and how this fits into our ideas of who we are and who we mean to be. During these last few days I have been inspired by the chorus of voices singing in solidarity against hate, fascism, white supremacy, and the unacceptable equivocation of the President. Now that the worst among us seems to be rising up, emboldened, how should we react? How do we create the future we want to see in this country? In the world?

Personally, this is the how and why I became involved with Provender—it is the ideal environment to create and perpetuate the change we wish to see in the world. Together, in this Alliance, we believe in healthy bodies, soil, water, air; we believe in nourishing, organic food readily available to all; we believe in sustainability to preserve and enhance the world for future generations; and we believe in supporting community by nurturing personal relationships, tolerance, inclusivity, open dialogue, and the sharing of ideas. We believe our actions, however small, make a great impact on the world and make the world a better, more joyful place.

I propose that in order to actualize this vision we redouble our efforts and rededicate ourselves toward nourishing, educating, and inspiring our customers, partners, friends, community, and each other. Support local businesses! Get more involved in your community! Encourage like-minded people and businesses to join Provender and other organizations that are making a difference! Be an ambassador for your cause, your beliefs, your ideals!

Troy Eustice-Board Member