November Provender News

November 14th 2017

by Vicki Reich

I’m sure the busy season has started in ernest for many of you.  As a former natural foods retail, I remember the stress of trying to make sure my customers could find just what they were looking for when they came to my store.  I’m guessing being a manufacture at this time of year has its own special stresses.  Even if your customers are too busy dealing with making the holidays perfect for their customers to be bothered with you (I’m talking to you consultants out there), there is still the anticipation of getting your own personal holiday plans in order.  So thank you for taking the time to read about what’s happening with Provender.

The most important and exciting thing going on with Provender is that we’re going digital!  Starting with the Winter Issue, the Journal will be digital.  It will reside right here on our website (check out a sample of what it will look like here).  Every quarter we will collect articles important to our industry just like we have for the past 20+ years, but instead of printing them and mailing them out, we will be sending out a synopsis email with a link to all the articles on our website.

This is exciting to me for so many reasons.  Here are some of them in no particular order:

  • The articles will be accessible to everyone, all the time (plus they are searchable).  No more passing the paper version around the office.
  • The articles will be easier to share.  We’ll have share buttons on every article.
  • Articles will be much more timely.  Currently, it takes about a month from the time I get an article until the time you read it.  Going digital will cut that down to days.
  • If you are a contributor, it will be much easier to share the content you produce for us with other interested parties.
  • We will be able to find out what our members are most interested in reading and offer more of it.
  • It will save time and money, allowing us to explore new programs to help our members succeed.
  • We can have more color photos and maybe even video!
  • Hopefully, more people will find out about Provender just by searching for the subjects we like to talk about.
  • Being a contributor, and getting the word out about all the cool things you do will be a member benefit.  Only members will be able to submit articles.

The board and I have been discussing this transition for months so we are all excited about the change, but I’m guessing some of you might have some questions about the transition.  I’m going to guess at a few of them:

What about Member News, it’s my favorite part of the Journal?  We have been putting out Member News in our weekly emails and will continue to do that.  In addition, we will link to the member news section of the website in each Journal issue so you can make sure you didn’t miss anything.

I thought the Journal was a member-only benefit? It’s true that having a paper Journal allowed us to send it just to members but the board and I feel that it will benefit both Provender and our members if we spread the word about what we do to the digital world and not just keep it to ourselves.  It will definitely be a benefit to our contributors (and remember, any member, and only members, can be a contributor) since they will be able to share their articles more broadly.  Advertising will also remain a member benefit so you will only see ads from our member organizations and those ads will have a wider audience.

I really don’t like reading stuff on-line, I like paper.  You can always print the articles you want to read!

If I haven’t anticipated your questions about this transition, I want to hear them.  Please e-mail me with any feedback you have about this change.  We are your membership organization and we are making this change to serve you better.  If we’ve overlooked something, I want to know.

Thanks for sticking with me to the end.

Happy Holidays and I’ll talk to you in December!