OGC to Host Sustainable Food & Agriculture Perpetual Purpose Trust (SFAPPT) Annual Stakeholder Gathering

September 9th 2019

About a year ago Organically Grown Company made a decision to protect its mission for the long-term by transitioning its ownership into a purpose trust.  This groundbreaking corporate structure is a form of “steward ownership”–while most businesses serve to maximize profits for shareholders, steward-owned companies focus on maximizing returns to purpose and engaging all stakeholders.

One year later, OGC is moving towards qualifying their first “stakeholder” base. Stakeholders are responsible for electing candidates to the Trust Protector Committee annually, and the first election will take place later this fall. If you belong to one of Organically Grown Company’s designated stakeholder groups (OGC coworkers, suppliers, purchasers, investors, or community partners), they encourage you to become a Qualified Stakeholder by filling out this Expression of Interest.

Please Save the Date for the first Sustainable Food and Agriculture Perpetual Purpose Trust (SFAPPT) Annual Stakeholder Gathering on Friday, November 8th in Portland, Oregon.

You can also read their 2019 Q2 report here:

Friends of OGC Report 2019-Q2