Organic Trade Association Shares Social Media Kit For Setting the Record Straight on What’s Not in Organics

September 18th 2018

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Consumers deserve to know the truth. Check out the long list of chemicals that are banned from #organic production and handling

There’s too much misinformation about #organic out there. Let’s stick to the facts. Here is a long list of chemicals that are BANNED for use in #organic food and farming. Look for the USDA organic seal.

Organic keeps these chemicals off the farm and out of your food. For more information about what’s allowed in #organic production and handling go to @WSJ @OrganicTrade @USDA_AMS #JustFacts

Here’s a long list of chemicals you should never have to read… And if you buy #organic, you’ll never have to.

Glad to see @OrganicTrade get the facts about #organic out in the @WSJ. It’s critically important that #organic businesses and consumers push back against attacks on organic. Here is what’s NOT allowed in organic