Organically Grown Company Reminisces on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

April 21st 2020

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22, and we’ve been searching for ways to embrace it (at a safe distance) in the midst of coronavirus. Sometimes, we need to look back for hope, inspiration and a smile. As a business founded in the late 70s by a group of rag-tag, small-scale farmers drawn to counter-culture living, we get a little nostalgic for OGC history when Earth Day rolls around. While much has changed in the world, we’ve retained many of our original core values, aided by those who led the early ‘movement’ and who still work with us each day.

Like David Amorose, OGC’s current VP of Supply Chain Management, who traveled from Berkeley to Eugene in his Volkswagen square-back using the Tilth published book, “The Future is Abundant” to make connections in the Northwest’s back-to-the-land movement.

“In those days, it was easy to make friends because we all had in common a love of the earth and that’s all we needed,” said David. “This created a common values system, instantly. The Vietnam War was ending, and you could feel the transition from the war years to the hopefulness of the 70s. There was so much revolution in the air. It was a contentious time, yet something like Earth Day was born and took root. Life was changing. It was the coming together of the legions of believers. You could be hopeful and idealistic. And, literally, wear your love of the earth on your sleeve.”

Today, we’re grateful for our roots and own our responsibility to care for the planet – something that will be carried into the future for decades to come.

Organically Grown Company is the largest distributor of organic produce in the Northwest.
At the core of OGC is a simple idea that has held steady since the beginning: that organic agriculture is necessary for a healthy environment and healthy people. Its goal is to support organic agriculture and help it thrive, by doing business in a way that is “good, clean and fair.” That goes for its customers, vendors, employees, community and environment.