‘Organization for Competitive Markets’ Reintroduces Agribusiness Merger Moratorium Act

Organization for Competitve Markets
March 26th 2019

The Organization for Competitive Markets is a farmer/rancher-led and farmer/rancher-staffed advocacy and research think tank that fights for anti-monopoly and economic justice in the farm and food markets.

The organization is reintroducing a bill about the Agribusiness Merger Moratorium Act.

The merger moratorium would put a freeze on any further mega-mergers and -acquisitions in our farm and food markets from seed to retail. It’ll make more room for our “alternative” producers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and allied organizations and individuals to produce, procure, prepare, share and eat sustainable foods. 

Organization for Competitive Markets is getting widespread interest from organizations to endorse the legislation. They are hoping to get the word out to more sustainable groups in support of their efforts.

The link to their endorsement letter is: http://bit.ly/AgribusinessMergerMoratoriumAct.

Below are a fact sheet about the bill as well as the bill text from last fall (the new text for the bill’s re-introduction this spring will be very similar).