Provender and BEF Partner to Offset the Emissions of Conference Travel

December 13th 2018

Even the most devoted environmental warrior has a carbon footprint. Most of us are contributing to greenhouse gasses from our energy usage, driving and other travel. By partnering with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to offer the registrants an option to offset their emissions, this year Provender helped to mitigate the impact of the conference from a climate change perspective.

BEF is a nonprofit organization that encourage businesses and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint wherever possible.  Yet even with these significant steps, some carbon emissions are unavoidable.  A carbon offset is a verified method to balance your unavoidable carbon footprint by directly supporting projects that are proven to reduce carbon emissions.

What is a carbon offset? 1 carbon offset = 1 metric ton of CO2e kept from the atmosphere – that is approximately the equivalent of 100 gallons of gas NOT burned or the carbon sequestered by an acre of US Forest in one year.

Each Carbon Offset generated by BEF is third-party verified to prove that real, permanent, verifiable, additional and enforceable emissions reductions have occurred. Some of the types of projects you can support through carbon offsets are Landfill Gas Capture, Dairy Farm Methane Capture, Sustainable Forestry Management, Tree Planting, and Renewable Energy.

This year Provender conference attendees offset 17,637 pounds of carbon or the equivalent of 21,206 vehicle miles traveled by purchases carbon offsets from BEF.

You can purchase offsets for everything from a wedding to a ski trip. Keep offsets in mind when you travel, drive, or ship items. If you’d like to find out more, or purchase offsets for yourself, friends, family or business, you can visit the BEF web store.