Jackson Bagley-Bonner

Jackson’s first time in a natural food store was as a kid at the tiny co-op his parents were members of in rural Ohio. The spicy, earthy, unique smell captivated him, as it was unlike any other store he’d experienced. Years later, Jackson found himself at the very beginning of the organic supply chain, living on a small farm in North Carolina planting seeds and igniting his passion for responsibly cultivated foods. During the past 10 years, he’s moved through the supply chain much like a product. From farms and fertilizer to warehouses and retailers. Now he’s selling delicious ingredients that end up in CPG’s, bulk bins, and dishes at James Beard-nominated restaurants. At his first Provender conference in 2018, he felt the same spark of joy from the first natural food store and knew he was home. Today he’s honored to be working with such a great organization full of amazing people.