25 Ways to Grow Daily Deli Sales by $25

Time: Friday Oct 5th from 10:30AM to 12:00PM

Location: Shoreline Room

Speaker(s): Michelle O'Connor, Allen Seidner

Hitting your financial goals doesn’t haven’t to be treacherous work. It can actually be some of the most fun and creative work you do. How? By growing your sales!

Growing sales is the elixir! And with higher sales you’ll be able to better develop your operation and invest in its future. Generating just $25 more a day adds up to more than $9000 a year. Do that a few times over and you’ve grown sales enough to add a full-time position!

Join us for an inspiring array of key ideas for adding incrementally meaningful sales to your existing operation. You’ll leave confident, excited — and with a prioritized short list of ways to swiftly grow sales to afford raises, add labor hours and implement other department initiatives and improvements.