99% Has The Power

Time: Friday Oct 5th from 3:30PM to 5:00PM

Location: Columbia Room

Speaker(s): Justin Freeman

The Provender Conference is a wonderful event. For many of us, it represents 3 days to recharge our batteries, gain new perspectives, and be energized for the coming year. We spend 1% of our year at the conference, and it is powerful. Yet, as we drive away from Hood River on I-84 on Saturday morning, the weekend’s powerful impact begins to fade. Life creeps back in, and some of the sharpest lessons we learn start to blur into the noise of day to day business/busyness.

This year, things will be different. We recognize that the power for change lies not in the 1% of the year spent at Provender, but in the 99% of the time spent away. That is where “the work” is done. In our Friday afternoon session, we will create a space for intentional goal-setting, to ensure that the 99% is truly empowered by the time at the conference.

Teams are encouraged to attend, and to use the time to distill the week’s teachings and inspiration into tangible, achievable goals. We will share key insights and actions with one another and provide a mechanism for accountability and encouragement. Achievements and progress towards goals may be shared as part of the Provender newsletter, keeping engagement high throughout the year, showing tangible outcomes for business owners and managers, and building excitement for Provender 2019.