Artificial intelligence, Chat Bots, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm Friday Afternoon Workshops Session 5

Location: Trillium West

Speaker(s): Christine Royers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Welcome to yet another new frontier.  There are a lot of fantastical stories and buzzwords around AI.  It seems AI is everywhere and is being utilized with mixed results.  If you are like most businesses working hard already to keep up with software, privacy, digital threats, marketing, analytics/KPIs, and social, you want to face this beast head on while also avoiding skating the bleeding edge.  Let’s take a look at AI, some common terms and applications and discern if AI is a recommendation or a requirement for your organization now and in the near future.



Christine is a digital transformation and marketing consultant with over 15 years’ experience serving enterprise, public sector, and education organizations.  She specializes in SAAS, payments, software, integrations, marketing, AI, social and ecommerce.  She is passionate about farming and bridging technology/marketing gaps for non-profit, education and independent businesses.