Building From Strength To Strength 2023 – morning session

Time: 10:15am - 11:45am Thursday - Workshops Session 1

Location: Riverview Room

Speaker(s): Justin Freeman, Founder Bagle Sphere, Trainer

When making plans for Growing Strong and stronger, whether we’re an individual planning a career in Natural and Organic Foods or if we’re a business facing the ever-new landscape of competition and opportunity,  we have to begin with accurate and unvarnished self-knowledge. In this session we will explore techniques and tools to bring a more accurate sense of who we are to the process of planning who we hope to become.

This session will lay the groundwork for the Thursday afternoon session of Building From Strength to Strength.

Presenter bio:

Justin is the owner of Bagel Sphere, a rapidly growing regional wholesale bakery. He is co-founder of Oregon Co-packing, a business that specializes in small-run blended spice co-packing. He also conults with Juniper Rim Partners on business development and corporate growth. His background includes several training projects with Provender Alliance and others, and serving on several boards, including the Eugene OR Area Chamber of Commerce.