Closing Circle with Stephen Markham and Meg Kennedy

Time: FRIDAY, OCT 23rd, 3:30 - 3:45 AM (PST)

Location: MAIN STAGE

Speaker(s): Meg Kennedy - Board Secretary, Provender Alliance; Stephen Markham, NATURAL - NW & Key Accounts Sales Manager, Nature's Path Foods


Take a deep breath and gather one final time with the Provender Community for a closing circle to complete our time together. Led by past board member Stephen Markham, and present board secretary Meg Kennedy.


Stephen Markham – A passionate spiritual seeker planting seeds for connection/collective consciousness for us ALL on the PATH to healing ourselves, our home, this Earth. Food is Unifying and our NW Natural Community is my soil. Stephen’s background includes a Master of Business Administration focused on Sustainable Business from Pinchot University.



Meg Kennedy – First things first, #BLM. Ok, so about me- I have been a Provender Alliance Conference attendee and all-around Provenderian for 18+ years, working for equity and food justice in the Natural Products Industry (and beyond) for over 35 years. I am also a mom, a marijuana rights activist, an east coast escapee, a proud 3rd generation Sicilian American, a Feminist, an anarchist and will forever be checking my white privilege and rooting for the underdog while busting up the status quo.