Constant Vigilance! Keeping an Eye on Sustainable Packaging Trends

Time: Friday Oct 5th from 1:30PM to 3:00PM

Location: Columbia Room

Speaker(s): Lisa Spicka-SFTA, Melissa Elkins-Community Food Co-op, Heather Trim-Zero Waste Washingtom

Selecting as sustainable of packaging as possible for your presents a multi-layered puzzle. What are packaging traits that companies considering packaging improvements can keep in mind when developing new packaging guidelines or products? What challenges continue to be faced in spite of best efforts? What are other doing to be more sustainable?

To help answer these questions, Constant Vigilance! introduces attendees to traits and tools (i.e. Life Cycle Assessments) that can help make packaging more sustainable, and some packaging types that illustrate these traits. In particular, the strengths and challenges of zero waste design packaging will be examined. The ability of composters and recyclers to close the loop on these materials, especially in the northwest, will be discussed, including challenges with infrastructure, standardized industry processes, and some pollution concerns.

Panelists from food retail and manufacturing sectors will provide their perspective on sustainable packaging in their companies, including the specific guidelines they have developed and the improvements these have inspired.