Alternative Approaches to Distribution

Time: Thursday Oct 4th from 1:15PM to 2:45PM

Location: Riverview Room

Speaker(s): Evelyn Murphy-Facilitator, Brian Estes-Linc Foods, Heman Bhojwani-Earthly Gourmet, Stephen Bates-R and K Foods

The Natural Products Industry has been pushing innovation and transformation in our food systems for decades.  Mainstream markets have adopted our approach to marketing, quality and local sourcing, and authentic connections between people and their food.

Just when you might think it’s all been done and it’s either tiny and local or gigantic and growing, new Distributors are entering the market.

During this workshop we will learn about three Distributors that have approached delivering products to customers in new and innovative ways.  We will discover how they identified the opportunity to fill specific niches in the market and how they are executing on the promise of offering alternatives to the large Distributors.