Emotionally Intelligent Customer Service

Time: Friday Oct 5th from 1:30PM to 3:00PM

Location: Riverview Room

Speaker(s): Carolee Colter, Mark Mulcahy, Allen Seidner

Emotional intelligence (EI) can be defined as the ability to recognize your own and others’ emotions, and to manage your emotions and relationships effectively. Your customers’/member-owners’ experience is profoundly impacted by interactions with co-op staff. And your staff’s experience in the workplace is profoundly impacted by interactions with managers and direct supervisors.
Dr. Daniel Goleman, who has probably done more than anyone to popularize the concept of emotional intelligence, claims, “We’re each born with certain levels of EI skills. But we can strengthen these abilities through persistence, practice and feedback from colleagues and coaches.”
Emotional intelligence is comprised of five skills: self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and social skill. The first three concern the self while the last two are about how one relates to others.
In this workshop we’ll explore each of these five skills in depth. We’ll focus on how to hire staff with these skills, how to train staff to increase their levels of emotional intelligence, and how to enhance your own emotional intelligence.

Taught by the Rising Stars Leadership team – Carolee Colter, Allen Seidner and Mark Mulcahy