To Nourish Life: Evolving the Paradigm of our Food System – Megan Westgate, Thursday keynote

Time: Thursday 8:30am - 10am

Location: Gorge Room

Speaker(s): Megan Westgate, Founder/ Ex.Dir, the Non-GMO Project

To Nourish Life: Evolving the Paradigm of our Food System

What if the most significant limit to evolving our food system was our own thinking? When we tap into our capacity and power as conscious co-creators, what might be possible? As a natural foods community, we have repeatedly manifested shifts that seemed impossible, including protecting a non-GMO food supply in North America and making it a thriving part of the mainstream retail food industry. But we all know these times are calling for more from us.

Food plays a central role in restoring health to living systems on Earth–it has the potential and maybe even the imperative to nourish life. And yet our current food system is designed not to nourish but rather to maximize calories and profits. So how do we get from where we are to where we could be? Join Megan Westgate in an experiential keynote exploring our individual and collective potential to shift the paradigm of our food system. From regenerative thinking to nutrient density,  we’ll consider our deepest opportunities  to co-create a reality worthy of our hearts’ longing for a food system that serves the wellbeing of life on Earth.

Megan Westgate bio:

Megan Westgate is the founder and Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project, a non-profit organization rooted in the idea that eaters are powerful co-creators of our food system, and that informed choice can be a primary catalyst for improving the way our food is grown and made. Under Megan’s leadership, the Non-GMO Project’s iconic orange butterfly has spread to more than 120,000 verified products and become one of the most recognized and trusted marks in the grocery store. Megan is passionate about health and consciousness, and sees food as a primary intervention point for restoring wellbeing to our bodies, our communities, and to the earth we are all a part of.