Great Game of Business in Action-Part 2

Time: Thursday Oct 4th from 1:15PM to 2:45PM

Location: Mt. Hood

Speaker(s): Joe Hamilton and Morgan Dodge

What if every employee in your company could think like you, act like you and care for your customers, staff, community and financial sustainability like you do? What if your company performed as well when you were away as when you were present? What if the best staff sought your company out instead of being so hard to find? Implementing The Great Game of Business, also known as open-book management is making this happen in companies large and small across the country. Discover one store’s success and struggles with The Great Game of Business. Join Joe Hamilton, owner of Pilgrims Market in CDA, ID for an interactive exploration of GGOB and learn how to create a culture of ownership across your entire company. This class has a limit of 12 people and is designed only for seriously interested high level decision makers.