Hemp & CBD: From Food to Feelings; Sourcing to Selling

Time: Friday Oct 4th from 1:30PM to 3:00PM

Location: Mt. Adams

Speaker(s): Tonia Farman - CEO, Queen of Hearts Hemp

This workshop is designed to lead you through how to navigate the hemp & CBD products landscape, source responsibly, and communicate with integrity and confidence to your customers. Originally starting as a hemp processor,Tonia will share with you the nuances of hemp production, growing, processing, packaging and promotion best practices for both hemp seed-derived foods and CBD products, and the differences between the two.

Tonia left her work in cancer survivorship programming to pursue the great health benefits of hemp after witnessing the effects of poor diets, stress, and the toxic effects of cancer treatment on the survivors her organization served. Having come from a family of pickle producers in the Pacific Northwest, she had a passion for food and supporting regional farmers, and was inspired to bring integrity and quality to the new and somewhat wildwest of the hemp industry.

She and her husband started their venture in hemp seed food processing with their processing company, Hemp Northwest — cold-pressing and bottling seed oil, packaging and marketing seedcake, protein powder and hemp hearts in a 2000 square foot facility in The Dalles. They launched a consumer brand, Queen of Hearts Hemp for their products. Almost a year of farmer’s markets and events into the business, they launched a CBD line, and just last month opened a retail store in Hood River that carries multiple brands including the Queen of Hearts Hemp Health brand.

Queen of Hearts Hemp Health is one of a small handful of hemp brands in the country that started in food and added CBD later, as a result of customer demand. They are deeply connected to the farmers that grow seed for them, inspiring organic and regenerative growing best practices for all of their products. They also one of the few hemp brands in the country that have received Certification of Compliance for Glyphosate Residue-Free products.