Joy in the Workplace 2023

Time: 10:15am to 11:45am Friday - Workshop Session 3

Location: Trillium East

Speaker(s): Mark Mulcahy, Inspired Retail Visionary & Management Mentor, Columinate / Organic Options, and Samuel Vandegrift, Provocateur of Vinous Joy & Retail Futurist, Columinate

Joy is the “it” factor to achieve true retail greatness. When we live and work with JOY at the center of our focus, good things happen at all levels of our personal and professional lives.
Our seminar will reset your compass and help you ask the correct questions to help find JOY in your work and create an atmosphere that is contagious amongst your staff and customers.
In this session, Connoisseurs of Workplace JOY and Inspirational Retail Operators Mark Mulcahy and Samuel Vandegrift guide you on a journey through their own retail joys and provide hands-on exercises and materials to craft your own narrative of JOY. This interactive workshop will harness your senses and memory to draw upon your own experience and expertise to transform your day-to-day operations.
Participants will collaborate and support each other in guided activities from start to finish. You will leave with a whole new perspective and call to action
Come learn how to be part of the retail revolution that YOU discover as an ambassador of JOY.

Learning objectives:
* Participants will leave with tools to begin reimagining their work to incorporate joy. This will allow for the transformation of a broader work environment for them and their team, which will in turn improve the customer experience.
* Participants will be taught how to use a skill and joy self analysis so they can see where the two intersect. This tool will allow them to facilitate other people doing the same, which will help combat burnout and manifest healthy staff engagement.
* Participants will learn how to create healthy staff engagement, which will improve morale and reduce staff turnover

Bio: Mark Mulcahy is an award-winning retail consultant, educator, and organic advocate, and veteran Provender Conference presenter.

He is the owner of Organic Options, which provides consulting for co-ops, independent retailers, farmers, and produce distributors worldwide. With more than 35 years in the organic produce industry, Mark is well known for his creative merchandising, effective training techniques, passion for produce, successful financial strategies, and dedication to sustainable agriculture.



Bio: Sam Reuben Vandergrift:

Samuel brings the honest passion of a wine lover and insider knowledge of an industry veteran to his work. His decades in hospitality include sommelier through general manager; wholesale and importing; restaurateur; festival judge and critic;  educator; and consultant as a member of Columinate.

Curiosity and a love of all things delicious guide his exploration of our world. Samuel is among a select group to hold a Diploma in Wines and Spirits from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

When asked about his passion for democratizing the beverage world he says, “Time and again consumers (and friends) seem apologetic, even embarrassed, to ask questions about wine. In these circumstances assurances of the shared goal of pleasure reopens people to enjoying what they love. The drinks world is rife with those hoping to capitalize on the antiquated notion that their judgment alone is the only opinion that matters. I take a different tack to empower through education and kindle our shared love of libations deserving of our precious time.”

He sees hospitality as an oft forgotten art that opens the door to uniting all who seek to challenge business as usual.