Kind and Effective Leadership

Time: Thursday, OCT 7th - 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Location: SESSION 1

Speaker(s): Justin Freeman - Owner, Bagel Sphere & Oregon Copacking

Our work environments, volunteer service projects, and civic engagements are all in need of kind and effective leaders. This session will show how kindness to self, coworkers and external stakeholders can build upon one another to drive meaningful, positive transformation in the workplace and community.

The past year and a half has shown us many things about our culture.We witnessed community-wide commitments to sacrifice and serving the common good, especially front-line workers in our natural foods industry. Simultaneously, however, we saw the tremendous need for cultural transformation, and a desperate need for an increase in kindness across all facets of our society. During this workshop, we will walk participants through a high-level, yet action-oriented overview of the steps needed to drive kindness culture within a company or organization.


– Justin owns and operates Bagel Sphere and Oregon Copacking in the Eugene/Springfield metro area, and serves on the board of Oregon Tilth and Supervisory Committee of Oregon Community Credit Union.